Album Credits

Have Blues Will Travel, Album Credits:

Album Cover Concept HUD100~Disc 1


We are STORMY MONDAY, a blues band based in Starkville, Mississippi. This is our debut album composed of all original songs. We are proud of this album and we hope you enjoy it.


Produced by: John Gholston

Recording Engineer and Co-Producer: Andrew Hooker

Mixing Engineer: Scott R. Munsell

Mastering by: Eric Conn & Don Cobb, Independent Mastering in Nashville, TN

Recorded at “The Cave Studios” in Franklin, TN*

*Lead Guitar on “Better Than Myself” and vocals/ambient sounds on “Brother Brother” recorded by John Gholston at “The DawgHouse Studio” in Starkville, MS

Album Artwork by: Zac Ashmore


Thanks to God for allowing us this opportunity and to our families, friends, and fans for their support and encouragement throughout this journey.


Band Members: John Gholston: Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Brian D. Malone: Lead Guitar

Mitch Shurden: Bass Guitar

Zac Ashmore: Drums, Harmonica, BGVs


Song Credits:

1. A Cold Feeling (Gholston)

2. I Got My Friends (Ashmore)

3. Come On Over Here Baby (Gholston)

4. One Woman Man (Malone)

5. Stranger Man (Ashmore)

6. When I See You Smile (Gholston)

7. Better Than Myself (Malone)

8. We Goin’ Out Tonight (Gholston)

9. Dark Moon (Malone) BONUS TRACKS:

10. Going Down to Memphis (Gholston)

11. Brother Brother (Ashmore)